HISTORIC REALTY DETROIT is here for one reason only, WE LOVE DETROIT AND ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT OLD HOUSES.  Every brick, every tile, every door knob and every house has a story.  And no one will WORK HARDER understanding the DETAILS and sharing that story better than us.  


HISTORIC REALTY DETROIT understands it’s more than just buying or selling a home, any real estate company can do that.  We understand the VALUE of COMMUNITY building and the importance and significance of Historic Districts in preserving the rich architectural history of our city.   


From a 100-year old house in Indian VILLAGE, to new construction in Brush PARK, to a Mid-Century Modern Co-op in Lafayette PARK, to a 1920’s tudor in Sherwood FOREST or Palmer WOODS or a Condo in the Detroit Towers on the Detroit River and everything in between. We know every inch of this city and what it takes to SELL and BUY a home in DETROIT.  We live, work, eat, drink, sleep and breathe DETROIT.


It’s time to CELEBRATE DETROIT, contact HISTORIC REALTY DETROIT and share in the lifestyle of the absolute BEST DETROIT has to offer. 



Established Jan 2015

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